About Us

At Home Scents LLC, was inspired by the owner Kim. Kim started out making candles just for fun. It has always been a hobby of hers-mainly used for relaxation and unwinding. With time, her hobby flourished into a business idea. She has always been a huge advocate of loving the work she does. Kim decided to turn her candle creation into a passion that she can share with the rest of the world. And with all due respect, her biggest goal is for her business to be a reflection of who she is- creative, honest, and dedicated. She hopes you can enjoy and RELAX to her candle collection!


At Home Scents commits to providing our customers with the following:

·  100% soy candles infused with essential oils that are plant based

·  No petrol soot, and all wax is free of toxins, pollutants, and carcinogens

·  Hand-packaged and hand-poured

·  All wicks are made of cotton and are lead and zinc-free

·  All products are handmade in Chicago, IL