Spa Retreat Soy Candle

सेल की कीमत कीमत $23.99 सामान्य कीमत यूनिट मूल्य  प्रति 


Take Your Spa Time To Another Level With This Made-for-Spa Spa Retreat Soy Candle!

 A perfect blend of fruits and florals, this modern and distinctive soy candle is the right treatment that you deserve. Owning this modish candle will not only provide you with a perfectly balanced illumination but also leave your surroundings refreshed like never before. With the top part smelling of apple and lemongrass, the eco-friendly candle gives a nice welcome. The middle part smells of lilac and the last part gives off a sugary scent, this unique candle is definitely a must-have in your collection and is a perfect gift idea for someone special.


  • Top – apple, lemongrass
  • Middle – lilac
  • Bottom – patchouli, sugar
  • Environment friendly
  • Handmade
  • Cotton Wick
  • Burn time 9.4oz- up to 60 hours

100% natural soy wax is derived from the vegetable soybeans. It is considered a renewable resource and is environmentally friendly. You will get a candle that lasts longer since soy wax burns slower. Candles made with soy wax burn less soot and burn cleaner.

The wicks we use are 100% cotton, containing no lead or zinc.