Lavender & Hazelnut Coffee Candle w/ Matches

Lavender & Hazelnut Coffee Candle w/ Matches

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Our lavender soy candle is classic and enhances the natural aroma of lavender. Use your imagination and imagine a summer meadow in the morning sun with rows of lavender flowers shifting briskly in the breeze. Lavender consists of citrus, camphor, and eucalyptus and is an environment-friendly soy candle again making it an irresistible accessory for your living space. Get your hands on this lavender soy candle today!

  • Top – Bergamot, Citrus
  • Middle – Lavender
  • Bottom – Cedar, Powder, Eucalyptus, Camphor

Hazelnut Coffee:

For all the coffee-lovers out there, it’s a candle that allows you to treat yourself to a warm indulgence of fresh brewed hazelnut coffee. As this scented candle burns with its fresh aromas you will have everyone thinking you just brewed a fresh pot of the real thing! Starting off with a medium roast scent and coming to the scent of toasted hazelnut with a touch of coconut, this environment-friendly soy candle ends with the scent of vanilla, cream, and maple making it an irresistible accessory for your living space. Get your hands on this hazelnut soy candle today!

  • Top - Hazelnut
  • Middle – Coffee, Coconut, Hazelnut
  • Bottom – Maple, Cream, Vanilla

All Candles Are:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Handmade
  • Cotton Wick
  • Burn time 9oz- up to 60 hours

100% natural soy wax is derived from the vegetable soybeans. It is considered a renewable resource and is environmentally friendly. You will get a candle that lasts longer since soy wax burns slower. Candles made with soy wax burn less soot and burn cleaner.

The wicks we use are 100% cotton, containing no lead or zinc. 

Candle Matches w/ Striker:

Our adorable glass bottles featuring a corked vial containing red tipped matches. Each bottle contains a match striker. 23 matches are included in each bottle. Bottle is 2.6'' tall (including cork) and 1.1'' wide. 

These make a perfect addition to your candle collection. 

Please be sure to use with care. Prior to striking the match, close the bottle. Keep out of reach of children and pets! After use, wash hands, and best of all, be safe!