oakmoss and amber reed diffuser

Oakmoss and Amber Reed Diffuser

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Oakmoss and Amber is a captivating scent that is rather modern and features a universal appeal. This scent starts off with small hints of orange and grapefruit. It is also infused with sage that bring on its natural earthy quality. Don’t forget to add a touch of lavender which brings about a rather soft floral scent combined with an herbal touch to the heart. The base of this scent rounds out with Tonka, amber, and oakmoss which give it a more deeper character. It is a perfect scent that appeals to both feminine and masculine sensibilities.


Top: Grapefruit, Orange, Sage

Middle: Lavender

Base: Tonka Bean, Amber, Oakmoss

You are about to experience an artisan, natural hand poured reed diffuser with the finest quality fragrance oils.


  • Each diffuser will fill your room gently with a luxurious and beautiful fragrance for 12+ weeks
  • Contains all-natural harvested diffuser reeds that are 3mm in diameter
  • These reeds are slightly wider which help get thicker fragrances “airborne.”
  • Our reeds are precision-cut on specialized equipment to ensure a clean cut every time and allow the reed to diffuse lots of fragrance.
  • Each reed diffuser comes with 8 reeds. It is recommended to use between 6-8 reeds, with 8 igniting the highest scent. You may adjust according to your preference. 
  • Bottles are not filled to the top to prevent clogging of reeds. 
  • We do not use dyes, parabens, or additives
  • We do not test our products (or ingredients) on animals